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Human And Moral Development In Education

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Centre for the Study of Human And Moral Development In Education

Dr. Minkang Kim (PhD Seoul)

Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Minkang Kim

Dr. Minkang Kim’s main teaching and research focus is the application of Dynamic Systems Theory (DST) to the study of human development and learning. She has a particular interest in the non-linearity of human development and how, in an increasingly global world, social, emotional and moral development are occurring in inter-cultural contexts. Within the Faculty, she is coordinator of the Human Development units for undergraduate and post-graduate courses, which introduce students to DST as a powerful meta-theory for understanding the complexities of human development, from early childhood to adulthood. She views human development as a life science and integrates neurobiological, psychological and educational sciences in her teaching and research.

Dr. Derek Sankey (PhD London)
Honorary Associate, The University of Sydney, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Derek Sankey

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Derek Sankey's research and teaching has progressively focused on the application of Dynamic Systems (complexity) Theory to the notion of the human self and its education. He combines a career-long commitment to improving teacher education with a lifelong interest in the interface between the natural sciences and the humanities. In the UK he was a pioneer of school-based teacher education. His academic background is in philosophy of science, with a particular focus on cosmology and the science of mind and brain. He gained his PhD at London University, Institute of Education, where he was employed from 1986-1995. Previously he had directed a project for the Farmington Institute, Oxford on the teaching of science and the humanities. He worked at the Hong Kong Institute of Education from 1995-2006, establishing a centre for learning studies, and then at Seoul National University, before moving to Australia in 2010.

Current Research students

Edgardo Martinez (M.Phil candidate)

Derek Sankey

The teaching of ethics in business education has a log pedigree, but it has seldom been a core component and there is widespread recognition that the methods used have often been less than realistic. Hence, the teaching of ethics has been perceived as only marginally relevant. Within the framework of dynamic systems theory, this study is investigating the complex nature of ethical decision-making in realistic business settings, which could provide a foundation for identifying alternative approaches for teaching business ethics in business education.

Sae Me Lee (Ph.D candidate)

Derek Sankey

Over recent years, there has been increased attention given to the field of early childhood education in Australia, which has included noting the significance of children’s emotional development in the early years. In the context of Australian early childhood settings, this project is conducting a microanalysis of longitudinal change, using a Dynamic Systems framework, to investigate how early childhood educators’ emotional availability impacts the development of attachment between educator and preschool child. Also, how the quality of attachment impacts a child’s learning opportunities.

Rosmawati Chen (Ph.D candidate)

Derek Sankey

This research is drawing on Dynamic Systems Theory in undertaking a longitudinal study of second language development. It regards language acquisition and its subsequent development as a dynamic process in which variability is an inherent property In particular; the study is investigating measures of the co-interaction between Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency in the academic writing of advanced learners of English. By inquiring into variabilities within the developmental process of language acquisition, this study is attempting to discover new information about the underlying processes that shape the development of second language learners.

13 August, 2015

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